The Investments that Shaped the European Biotech Industry
And leverage this information to your own advantage!
*Pack including digital and hard copy + Investment Database
What is Biotech Money Insider?
Biotech Money Insider is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE source of information 
on biotech investments in Europe! 
  •  162 private and public investments
  •  139 fast-growing Biotech companies
  •  215 influential investors
Biotech Money Insider is the first book created and published by Since we launched our website, back in 2014, we gathered data on over 1000 biotech companies active in Europe. For the first time, we collected the private and public investment of last year in a book we called Biotech Money Insider. This book has been in our mind for a while now and today, it's available to you. 
Biotech Money Insider Will Help You To...
  •  Find new investors for your fundraising
  •  Identify new clients to grow your business
  •  Find a job in a fast-growing company
  •  Study your competitors to stay ahead
  •  Find new partners for your company
What's Inside the Book?
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We included a summary of the most important data for each investment stage. Use it for a quick overview of the trends.
Every section comes with a set of charts and figures to help you analyse the data and find out the top companies, investors etc.
We featured companies to watch, details on their technology and where they are in their development.
Biotech Money Insider contains over 150 investments, fully detailed with company and investment information.
The Advantage of the Pack
Digital version
Knowledge is power, especially in business. Biotech Money Insider contains details on 162 private and public investments, from early-stage to post-IPO.
hard copy
In business you have to react quickly and know the new entrants. Biotech Money Insider contains details on 139 fast-growing Biotech companies.

Follow the money! Knowing who has deep pockets can be decisive for your growth. Biotech Money Insider contains information on 215 influential investors.
About the author
I've always wanted to know who are the fastest-growing companies and which investors are the most active in Biotech. Thanks to our daily work at, we have data to make this dream true. Now, we share it with you! "
Joachim Eeckhout
Co-founder and Managing Director
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