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1. Exclusive interviews with top CEOs
Every month, receive insider knowledge straight to your inbox. Gain inspiration and actionable advice from the best biotech leaders in Europe. Our exclusive interviews cover topics such as "how to build a successful biotech company", "how to sign a billion-dollar deal", or "how to be an inspiring biotech leader". 
2. Premium research and reports
Members have access to exclusive research and analysis produced by our team. Our current portfolio of downloadable content includes "Biotech Money Insider", a complete analysis of the investment made in biotech over the last year.
3. Attend exclusive events
Get access to our exclusive members-only events: Labiotech Insider Days. Our events gather around 70-80 members to meet and talk with some of the best biotech leaders. Our first Insider Day in Berlin on June 26th, 2019, included speakers such as Rodger Novak, founder of CRISPR Therapeutics or Holger Reithinger 
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4. Support independent journalism
B2B publishers are key to building successful ecosystems, and through its daily reporting, contributes to building the European biotech industry. By becoming a member, you’ll support our mission, help us produce even better content, and allow us to remain an independent media outlet—one of the few out there!
Here's what our members have to say:

"Supporting Labiotech is really important since they make essential contributions to build the European biotech ecosystem."

Ingmar Hoerr, Chairman at CureVac

"Labiotech is putting EU biotech - one of the most dynamic European industries - centre-stage. It's so worthwhile having you around and prosper!"

Regina Hodits, MP at Wellington Partners

"Labiotech's membership is amazing, I love the format and value it provides"

Simon Bungers, CEO at Labforward
Our members also include:
''We started with a simple vision in mind: fostering innovation and collaboration in the field through a better access to information. With over 150,000 professionals reading our stories every month, is today the largest digital media platform for biotech in Europe. By joining our membership program, you will get access to even more insights into the European biotech industry and help us realise our mission as an independent media."
Joachim Eeckhout, Founder and MD at
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Who is it for?
The membership is made for biotech professionals, investors, founders, executives, and biotech enthusiasts. If you're already a regular reader of, you're in the good place.
Why should I pay if you already offer content for free? 
If you’re only interested in our free content, that’s totally fine, and we’re already super happy to have you as reader! We offer you to become a member if you want to go the extra mile and gain even more insight into the biotech industry. The membership will also support the development of our company and help us develop new features.
What do you plan for the Labiotech Insider Day?
The next event will take place on June 26 in a cool venue in Berlin. We will welcome only 50 members to meet and talk with some of the best speakers out there for an intimate afternoon where everyone is accessible to each other (no partnering hustle needed). Some of the confirmed attendees include Giovanni, partner at Medicxi; Annette, founder & CSO of Vaccibody; and Joern, CEO of Hookipa. 
What if I’m not in Europe?
Most of the benefits you will receive are not connected to a specific location. Our events will only be in Europe (for now) and you’re more than welcome to join—see it as a great reason to visit the old continent for business. And if you really can’t join, we will send you videos of the sessions and a personalized report so you won’t miss out on crunchy insights.
Is Labiotech Insider for individuals or for companies?
Our membership is only for individuals for now. If you are interested in a company package, please reach out to me at
Can I share the exclusive content with my colleagues or connections?
The membership is only individual at the moment. If you’d like a company access, please reach out to me at If one of your connections wants to have a look at our exclusive content, feel free to send them one you like, and please direct them to our membership page afterward so they can become a member as well ;)
Why should I join now?
You’ll be one of the early members of Labiotech Insider, which means your support will have even more importance, and we may reach out to you personally to know what you think of our membership and develop it in the direction that fits you the most. You will also be the first one to receive our exclusive content, and you will secure yourself a spot to our invite-only event with limited seats.
How can I join? 
Joining is simple and will only take a few minutes. You just need to click on the “join now” button above and be guided smoothly through the check-out page.
My card is not accepted / I can only pay by wire transfer—what should I do? 
Just send me an email to and I will send you the instructions for a wire transfer. 
Do I get an invoice?
Of course. We will send you an invoice shortly after we receive your payment. 
Can I cancel easily? 
Of course, we want you to be a happy and satisfied member. You can change, cancel, or update your subscription at any time. We will give you your money back if you are not satisfied.
Is it really made with ❤️ and 🍺?
Yes, we are a small team working closely together to share our passion for the biotech industry and are having fun together while doing so. Join us to get a real feeling for it 
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